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This is a great time to get out of your home, in more ways than one. This week, we are looking at some things that are happening in the community, and we offer some ideas for a kind of advertising known as Digital Out of Home.

Last week, the Times Colonist took part in the wonderful event at the Esquimalt Gorge Park Pavilion that was sponsored by the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. It was a chance for businesses to get to know each other – and many businesses got to know more about the Times Colonist.

Our booth was busy, with screens, a newspaper box featuring a website rather than a printed newspaper, and a fun toss-the-newspaper game. As you can see, real estate legend Tony Joe has a knack for making a deal of any sort.

You will be seeing more of us at local business events. Our message is one that we have been hammering home for quite some time: We are not just about print. Don’t be fooled by our 165 years in business, because for the past quarter of a century, we have been offering digital solutions as well. Our website gets more traffic, month after month, than any other local news site.

The most-read stories on our website so far this month have been about the changes the provincial government is making to the short-term rental market. Other top reads include the earthquake a couple of weeks ago and the fire in the washroom of a ferry.

That is one of the cool benefits of living in the digital world: We can see which stories are being read the most, and where those readers are coming from. In the same way, it is easy for advertisers to measure the traffic when they advertise using any of the digital tools that are available these days.

Finally, a tip: If you are thinking of buying a used vehicle, this might be good time. Used cars aren’t moving as quickly as they did a few months ago, and the used-car dealers don’t have offers of low interest rates the way that new car dealers do. Check the lots – you might be happy with what you can find!

If you have nugget or two that you would like to share, please let us know! Send leads to

Dave Obee
Editor and Publisher

Times Colonist


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